Rebecca Justice Collections by Andrew Morgan Furniture


The Beginning...

Designing a custom furniture line began when Rebecca Justice and her husband, David Justice lost their family home in 2007. 

During the construction of their second home, Rebecca's intentions were to build something that wasn't dated but yet was still centuries old. Her vision was to create a fusion of centuries old and centuries forward.

Rebecca was passionate about creating a space that felt like the Justice's own. She was intentional about creating a home that was unlike anything else they'd seen. Rebecca hoped her home would be so unique that she would not visit another home and see the same interior. As a designer she craved individuality.

Rebecca knew that often times, designers tend to use the same vendors. Knowing this, she sought out to design her own pieces with personal flair. Rebecca was referred to world renowned furniture manufacturer, Marie Cunning, CEO of Andrew Morgan Furniture.

Rebecca and Marie spent time collaborating. Rebecca brought the inspiration and vision to Marie's manufacturing and design background.

The Rebecca Justice Collections by Andrew Morgan Furniture line inspiration comes from Rebecca's Latin and European descent. Her faith based background attracts her to the inspiration within European Cathedrals and architecture. 

As Rebecca and Marie collaborate, they are able to design any type of piece that a client desires. The mission of the company is to provide unique pieces which clients love, and can use daily. 

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