House of Sacred Flame


Out of the Ashes

After collaborating together for the design and construction of Rebecca and David Justice's new home, the idea to design and produce unique and meaningful Jewelry was born.

In the 2007 Witch Creek fires of San Diego, Rebecca's family home was completely destroyed along with all it's contents. Special relics, family air looms, baby pictures, family movies, along with everything else in the home was lost forever.

Rebecca's house and heart were broken, but not her spirit.

Together, Marie and Rebecca designed a new beautiful home complete with custom furniture, hand crafted specially for this unique Villa.

It was during this process that the idea of creating iconic Jewelry to inspire others was born. House of Sacred Flame jewelry has a personal purpose to those who purchase the pieces.

The jewelry is made from natural stones with meaningful purposes. The iconic medallions are antique replicas of Old World European medallions which each have purposeful meanings.

Whether you buy a piece of House of Sacred Flame jewelry to make you feel beautiful or to help you in some other way that has personal meaning to you, You will find a piece that is just right for you.